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Sedbergh Town Band
Code of Conduct

As an inclusive, community-based organisation, Sedbergh Town Band accepts all, regardless of age, gender, orientation or ability.


‘The Band’ Community aims to support members to take part in their activities whilst striving to reach their individual ambitions and potential, without prejudice.

‘The Band’ Community commits to supporting an individual’s learning, progression and enjoyment as best as possible, by providing a safe environment where all can feel valued as members of the organisation.
'The Band' Community want everyone to feels safe at Practices, Concerts and Social Events as well as when using Social Media Channels.
To support ‘The Band’ Community each member subscribes to the following code of conduct and agrees to:
  • Provide an example for others to follow.

  • Treat everyone with respect, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or ability.

  • Use inclusive language and avoid saying anything that could be discriminatory, even if joking.

  • Avoid making suggestive, inappropriate remarks or gestures.

  • Respect a person’s right to privacy.

  • Be aware that people have different levels of comfort around physical contact and may feel uncomfortable with being touched.

  • Act compassionately, particularly in sensitive moments such as when
    dealing with sadness, bullying, bereavement, grief, or abuse.

  • Confront or report abusive peer actvities, such as ridiculing, bullying or racism, in a both considerate and timely manner.

  • Encourage young people and adults to feel comfortable and caring enough to draw attention to attitudes and behaviour that might make someone feel uncomfortable.

  • Avoid being drawn into any inappropriate attention-seeking behaviour by others (e.g. tantrums, crushes, etc).

  • Seek advice from the designated Safeguarding Lead (Stephen Hall), or Assistant Safeguarding Leads (Kim Moss and Rowan Orme) if unsure of circumstances or context surrounding any incident that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    • This can be done in confidence either in person, by email or via message in the BAND App.


When working or interacting with young or vulnerable people, Band Members should:

  • Ensure that another adult is in close proximity

  • Be aware of the possible implications of physical contact.

  • Be objective so as not to exaggerate or trivialise child abuse issues.


Our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures can be accessed via the following link

Members also agree to treat all equipment with respect, whether it belongs to 'The Band', another organisation or an individual.

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